Jan. 24th, 2010

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So, for Christmas I got a robe, tis a very nice robe with many lovely robely qualities. Such as it being fuzzy and warm. The second being more important then the first. I also kinda of drown inside of it, but that is what makes it so perfect, all the extra fabric just means more warmth for me! *grins*

Though I do have one problem with it. I have absolutely no idea what colour it is. Serious. It keeps changing depending on the light. One moment it's a deep reddish colour and the the next it's dark purple and from there it goes to burgundy... I think I'm just gonna call it repurgundy. Except that is a really ugly sounding word.

Hmm... I'm gonna have to think on this.

In other news the new semester begins tomorrow, so yay for that. Changes are always nice and so are classes that are relevant to my chosen career thingy also known as a social worker. So go, new classes, go! Also, have read P&P&Z. Colour me not impressed people. I think that I would have been perfectly fine with it if it hadn't been for all the sex jokes that were everywhere. Very annoying. Still, the zombies did make for a fun addition even if you can't use it to replace the original.



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