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Really hope that we get a snow day tomorrow, it's looking like a pretty good chance of one though. I could really use one. I'm so tired lately, senior year is starting to get to me. I need more sleep or something is gonna give and it might just be my sanity. Shouldn't have taken so many A.P classes then maybe it would have been easier to stay on top of my other not A.P classes and I wouldn't have tanked them. *sigh* Too late for that now. I'm just gonna have to take the consequences in stride. It's a good thing the college I'm planning on going to doesn't have a required GPA to get in or I'd be completely screwed.

In other news I'm trying to think of a writing challenge for the D.B.C.A for Valentine's to make up for my absence there lately. I'm thinking murder mystery or something along those lines just to keep in line with our usual resistance to conformity. Or I could just put together a bunch of prompts with V-day having to be the common setting...I'll probably do a mix of the two, even though the murder mystery would probably work better in the Ballroom... I'll probably have it all put together by the weekend, sooner if there's that snow day.

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