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"Marionettes are like music boxes. But, whereas a marionette can be cut loose, a music box can only stop turning. I wonder which one is more free? The stringless puppet, or the motionless dancers?" - unknown

I personally think that the motionless dancers are more free.

What do you think?
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"Many are the things that I would buy,
if I knew the world were being sold...
The perfect thing to say in every situation,
The answer to every question,
And, maybe,
if i had enough,
the way to win your heart.
If the world were being sold..."

It's nearly summer here and in the this merry month called May I turn 17. It's a weird thought. I was just getting used to 16, really. And now, BAM!, 17 is coming to hit me hard. There will be more to do then ever. More responsibility (I'm getting my first not-babysitting job), more things to do, learning how to not crash my car into the church, my future getting ever closer and more unavoidable and more impossible seeming...

It's just strange. Somehow, it just kinda seemed ike I'd be a kid forever. But that's not the case; so it's time to get moving and start my life.

Now, if only college wasn't so *expensive*.


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